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How To Make Sure Companies That Buy Ads Don't Influence The Editorial

Thomas Jefferson famously once said “Advertisements are the most truthful part of a newspaper”, which served to illustrate the uneasy nature in which ...

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How To Stay Credible In An Era Of FAKE NEWS

Fake news has become a buzzword in both public and everyday discourse, being perceived either as a bugbear or something of the unknown in the world of...

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How To Make Sure The Majority Of Traffic Does Not Come From Social Media Sites

As a self-respecting publisher, you surely already know that the lifeline of your website is the traffic it attracts. Figures related to traffic can b...

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Successful Product Placement Campaigns Publishers Need to Know About

Modern marketing and product placement embraced each other out of sheer necessity, both dealing with an audience that had grown sick of them. In the e...

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AI and the Digitization of the Retail Industry

Many new realms and opportunities have been created for retailers on a global level since the beginning of the digitization of the retail industry. In...

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This Is Why Visual Search Is Important

The implementation of visual search technology is popping up all over the place, but what is it exactly? By its name alone, it doesn't sound like it w...

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How Publishers Can Deal With Ad Blockers Using Adblock Whitelisting And Other Solutions

Ad blocking has been a pain for publishers over the past few years. What began as a simple spam blocking measure, has now turned into a global trend t...


Is Original Content Being Glorified Way Too Much?

Here is an interesting fact to consider: Despite people going on about the importance of originality, they often find themselves reverting back to pre...


How To Make Your Editorial And Commercial Teams Collaborate

Strict division between editorial and commercial teams at times seems to be as old as separation of church and state. Both issues provoke strong feeli...

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The Push for Retailers to Create New Revenue Streams

The Need for More Across the Board